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All works are available for sale.
1_A Part of Self 1
2_The Presence of Now
3_Journey into Silence all Prints
4_A Part of self II.JPG
5_A Part of self III.JPG
6_A Part of self IV
7_A Part of self V
10_Invisible Silence
10_Silence of the heart
11_Listening to the Wind
12_Resonance of Knowing
13_A Silence Unfolds
14_Beneath the Breath of Pause
15_Holding onto Grace
16_I am In all of You
17_Knowledge of Spirit
18_A Sense of the I am
19_A sense of belonging
20_Journey into Silence
21_Inner Embrace
22_The Quietness of Heart
23_A silence Unfolds 1
24_A sense of Belonging 1
25_A safe place to Land
26_Sacred Silence
27 Untitled
33_Song of Joy
1_Ceramic Sculpture I
2_Ceramic Sculpture 2
34_I am in all of You_1
35_Knowledge of Spirit 1
36_The Silence within
37_The Silence within_1
38_Journey Into Knowing
39_Forest of Silence
40_Wrapped in silence
41_A safe place to Land III
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